Grace Okyere grew up in Akwatia, the Denkyembour district in the Eastern region of south Ghana. Her childhood under British colonial rule was blissful and plentiful in amenities and opportunities. However, hardships descended upon her family when her father, Edward Yaw Okyere’s health declined, and Grace assumed his care. 


A lively, compassionate spirit, Grace always wanted to become a nurse and channel her love of humanity into caring for others. But mitigating circumstances prevented the fulfillment of that goal. Nonetheless, as time passed, she decided to become a home health aide, a calling she attributes to the foundation of love and assistance she provided for her father.


Eventually, Grace came to the United States and shared her healing gifts with others, taking care of patients and diligently devoting her time to their comfort. In the process, she became like family to those she served—as she so remains.


Aside from her occupation as a home health aide, creativity is an integral part of Grace’s life. She enjoys learning new things and has a particular affinity for music and creative writing. Grace has authored three books, Zigiyama, the Cat, Good Morning, Life! and If God Is Human—Stories of Betrayal, Divine Agency, and Enlightenment, reflecting her worldview and profound appreciation for all living things and the human condition.